Team:Stockholm/15 June 2010



Our competent cells with the control-plasmid DNA had much less colonies than the commercial cells with same control-plasmid DNA (~70 colonies vs several hundreds), i.e. our cells are competent but not so competent as the commercial cells.

The plate with our competent cells but without control-plasmid DNA had no colonies, confirming that the ampicillin worked in our plates (even though they were left overnight in normal lab room), as otherwise other bacteria would also be able to grow on the plates.

Colonies had been made on monday, with SOD, bFGF and IgG-protease, using the commercial cells. SOD and bFGF had very many colonies, both the normal plate and the 10x dilution plate. IgG-protease did not have any colonies (other antibiotic?).

Then I did an overnight culture. For SOD and bFGF: 12 ml LB and 24 µl (50 mg/ml) Amp added to a 50 ml Falcon tube, then one colony was added. Stored overnight at shaker in incubation room

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