Team:Stockholm/13 October 2010




Plasmid prep

From 12/10 ON cultures

DNA concentration
Sample Conc [ng/μl] A260/A280
pSB1C3.IgGp 237.9 1.89
pSB1C3.bFGF 210.3 1.91
pSB1C3.ProtA 173.6 1.89
pSB1C3.yCCS 229.2 1.91
pSB1C3.SOD 193.0 1.87


  • 15 μl plasmid DNA; 1.5 μl primer (VR)
DNA concentration
Sample Label Sequence code
pSB1C3.IgGp pSB1C3.IgGp_VR ASB0045 776
pSB1C3.bFGF pSB1C3.bFGF_VR ASB0045 777
pSB1C3.ProtA pSB1C3.ProtA_VR ASB0045 778
pSB1C3.yCCS pSB1C3.yCCS_VR ASB0045 779
pSB1C3.SOD pSB1C3.SOD_VR ASB0045 780


concentration measurement

I measured the concentration of the gel cleaned up samples from yesterday by spectrophotometry.



I ligated the gel cleaned samples.



I transformed the ligation samples into nine BL21 tubes each with 100 ul cells. I added 6 ul of the ligations to the cells and I thawed the tubes in the first step in 15 min.

I hope this will save some time since I am skipping the transformation into Top 10 cells. We don't have much time left of the competition therefore I hope this will work.


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SOD - growth curve

- ON culture

  • SOD.his
  • LMWP.SOD.his
  • TAT.SOD.his
  • Tra10.SOD.his

  • 3ml Amp100 + toothpick of glycerol stock

The Faculty of Science at Stockholm University Swedish Vitiligo association (Svenska Vitiligoförbundet) Geneious Fermentas/ Sigma-Aldrich/