Team:Stockholm/10 June 2010




Results from "Testing DH5α competent cells by transformation" (9/6-2010)

My own cells are not competent since they gave no colonies on the selection plates. However, the kit's cells resulted in many colonies, thus are competent as expected. This means that I have to redo a new set of my own competent cells.


Result from transformation

Our own cells showed no sign of competence as they gave no colonies. However the cells from the kit showed many colonies. We therefore made a new overnight culture.

Gel electrophoresis

1 % gel:

  • 3 g agarose powder
  • 300 ml 1x TAE buffer
  • 15 µl EtBr

10 06 2010 Thu - PCR gel.png

Ladder: Fermentas 1KB DNA ladder

SOD showed the expected result of just below 500 bp and yCSS showed the expected result of 750 bp.

The Faculty of Science at Stockholm University Swedish Vitiligo association (Svenska Vitiligoförbundet) Geneious Fermentas/ Sigma-Aldrich/