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University of St Andrews iGEM 2010

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Human Practices

The word science is derived from the Latin word "scientia" meaning knowledge and this meaning is quite apt. While science may encapsulate so many theories, practices, methodologies and other such notions it all comes down to the basis of knowledge. Asides from in the contemplations of many an epistemologist, knowledge is first and foremost concerned with people. It is hence fair to say that the entire basis of scientific practice rests upon the shoulders of the people within its ranks. Given this realisation it is essential for means and methodologies which people use to communicate, organise and share knowledge to be studied, understood and improved. In turn, with solid human foundations the aquisition and dissemination of knowlege can be streamlined enhancing the scientific community and improving the quality of knowlege. In order to advanced such a goal we examined four crucial elements affecting human practices: