Team:Queens-Canada/7 July 2010


July 7, 2010


Thai and Basia

pSra-10, pOdr-10, pOdr-1, pSrb-6

Program run using TAQ with an extension time of 130 s and annealing temperature of 58 °C.

Gel Electrophoresis


pSra-10, pCeh-12, pOsm-10, pOdr-10, pOdr-1, pSrb-6

Used 0.4 g agarose in 60 mL TBE. Gel run for 60 mins at 100 V.


Yuli and Hao psB1A3, unc-54 3'UTR

Cut using SpeI and XbaI.


Chris and Thai and Yuli and Hao

Digested with EcoRI and PstI:

pFlp-1, pHsp-3, eCFP, mCherry, NpHR, ChR2, pStr-220, pStr-1

Digested with XbaI and PstI:

pRab-7, pStr-1, pMec-7

All digests treated with 5 µl of Dpn-1.

Ligation and Heat Shock

Hao and Yuli

pSB1A3, unc-54 3'UTR (Amp)