Team:Queens-Canada/18 June 2010


June 18, 2010


Hao and Yuli

pSip-1, pHsp-3, pUnc-47, pRab-7, pMec-7 with BBa_I714891

Program run using HIFI with an extension time of 3 min and annealing temperature of 57 °C without primers for 5 cycles. Primers were then added and program was run with annealing temperature of 1 min 15 s.

Gel Electrophoresis

Hao and Yuli

pSip-1::eGFP, pHsp-3::eGFP, pMec-7::eGFP, pUnc-47::eGFP, pRab-7::eGFP

Used 0.7 g agarose in 100 mL TBE. Gel run for 45 mins at 100 V.


Hao and Yuli

Practiced injections with water