Team:Queens-Canada/10 June 2010


June 10, 2010

Gel Electrophoresis

Hao and Thai

pSip-1, pUnc-47

Used 0.45g agarose in 65 mL TBE. Results: lanes 1,2,5, and 9 were visible. The rest of the gel was blank. The primers for unc-47 will definitely have to be replaced. Mistakes during gel loading are possible.

Gel Electrophoresis

Hao and Thai

pIC54 and pIC691 digestion products

Glycerol Stock


pIC691 and pIC54

Change: 250 µL of 80% glycerol was used with 750 µL of culture.

Products stored in -80 °C freezer.


Steve and Thai

pIC691, pIC54

Program run using TAQ with an extension time of 60 s and annealing temperature of 63 °C. Products stored in -20 °C freezer.