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We are the team from Purdue. We have many cool project ideas. Yay!

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Who we are


  • Her Magistrate: Dr. Rickus
  • The Monarch: Dr. Clase
  • Perpetual Supreme Dictator: Jess Osbourne


  • Student 1: Landon Young
  • Student 2: John Mason
  • Student 3: Joe Bretzmann
  • Student 4: Sean Kearney
  • Student 5: Aaron Joseph
  • Student 6: Sung Jun Ma
  • Student 7: Jackie Hyunh
  • Student 8: Noah Isch
  • Student 9: Tiffany Miller
  • Student 10: Dale Crakes
  • Student 11: Michael Goepfrich

What we did

Link to Notebook

Where we're from

We hail from Purdue University in West Lafayette, In.

Link to Google Map.