Team:Purdue/Oxygen-sensitive promoters




In Arabidopsis

  • Whole-genome study to determine Arabidopsis response to hypoxic stress [1] --Jmason
  • Expression and evolution of functionally distinct haemoglobin genes in plants [2]
    • Also discusses growing and modifying Arabidopsis to test promoter regions for functionality --Jmason
  • Arabidopsis mutants reveal multiple singlet oxygen signaling pathways involved in stress response and development [3]
    • Specifically, mentions a promoter region for an AAA-ATPase that is activated in the presence of reactive singlet O2 species. --Jmason
  • The low-oxygen-induced NAC domain transcription factor ANAC102 affects viability of Arabidopsis seeds following low-oxygen treatment. [4] --Jmason

In Saccharomyces

  • Ixr1p regulates oxygen-dependent HEM13 transcription [5]
    • Great article that analyzes the effects of different promoters during hypoxia, also explains how they generated hypoxic conditions in lab --Jmason

In Bacteria

  • Sinorhizobium meliloti, a nitrogen-fixing bacterium, forms a symbiotic relationship with legumes in the root nodules of the plant. Because these bacteria must produce enzymes to modify environmental nitrogen, they are also able to detect levels of oxygen using the FixL-FixJ two-component system. [6] --Skearney
  • The DosT/DevS system found in Mycobacterium tuberculosis has an analogous oxygen-sensing function.[7] --Skearney