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SK 6/1/10 Resveratrol - red wine derived polyphenolic phytoalexin, potential use against cancer initiation, promotion, and progression
Molecular Mechanism of Resveratrol
Effect of Resveratrol in Human Multiple Myeloma
Production of Resveratrol in Microorganisms
Resveratrol and Sulforaphane Induce Apoptosis in U251 Glioma Cells

JLR 6/2/10 reporter of oxygen microenvironment in tumors

  2. Note from IU cancer group about their in in vivo imaging system: "Right now we work with luciferase/egfp. In development are tomato, cherry, and IFP. The IFP is far-red and supposedly will be best for deeper tissue penetration using the optix MX3 the imaging core is purchasing"
  3. The hypoxic microenvironment maintains glioblastoma stem cells and promotes reprogramming towards a cancer stem cell phenotype.


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