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The 2010 Penn State iGEM team consists of five primary undergraduate team members, two REU (Research Experience for Undergrads) students, two graduate students, and two professors. The team of undergraduates is comprised of Rebecca Hennessey, Anisha Katyal, Andrew Kirk, Erik McCann, and Lauren Rossi. The REU students are Trip Garland and Mike Kang. The graduate students and professors that helped guide the team are Amin Espah, Dr. Tom Richard, Dr. Howard Salis, and Mike Speer.
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After researching some possible project ideas, Penn State '10 decided to focus on developing a promoter (or catalogue of promoters) which have oxygen-sensing capabilities. In addition, the team is working on novel ways to showcase these promoters and also explore large-scale applications of oxygen-detection in microbio-related industries.
Penn State iGEM team