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Modeling Chassis Induction Chitin Apoptosis


Induction System

For the induction system, our team decided to use the lac-operon/iptg construct because of its widespread use and the availability of information. This system was assembled using standard biobricks parts. To induce our system, we used a IPTG spray of two and five millimolar concentrations, and one millimolar solutions for liquid cultures.

Parts and Assembly

The induction construct consisted of a constitutive promoter (J23100, J23104, or J23105), a combination part of Ribosome Binding Site, Lac Repressor, double Terminators, and Lac Promoter (Q01121, Q04121), and Ribosome Binding Sequence (B0034, B0031, B0032). Various combinations of these parts were assembled to create varying induction speeds for Chitin Synthase and apoptosis. See the parts section for more information.

Diffusion and Modeling

To induce our system, IPTG is sprayed onto the biofilm, diffusing through the top layer of the bacteria. This diffusion through the bacterial membrane is detailed in the modeling section.