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Formal Meeting 3 March 2010

  • Start time: 4 - 5.10 p.m.
  • Room 922
  • Attendance:
    • Present: Da, Harsh, Jannetta (Computer), Younus (Chair), Zoltan (Minutes), Richard, Steven, Alan, Neil, Jen, Matt
    • Apologies: Rachel, Phil
  • Agenda


  • The teams had presented three presentations of the three "best" ideas. Neil, Jen and <advisor> had made many suggestions and brainstormed all of the ideas, thinking about possible outcome, subprojects, etc. It has been concluded that all projects were feasible and good.
  • It has been decided (based on Jen's suggestion) that the diabetes part of the Bacco Natto project is to be dropped.
  • The team had chosen the Concrete repair project based on the voting of team members (which included the votes of Phil and Rachel, who were absent)
    • Votes: Phil: Bacto Natto, Rachel: Bacto Natto, Jannetta: Bacto Natto, Harsh: Concrete, Younus: Concrete, Steve: Concrete, Zoltan: Concrete, Alan: Concrete, Da: Concrete. Richard: Does not mind, his project idea can be a side project in all of the other projects.

Action Points

  • Wiki is to be transferred to Official iGEM wiki site. Janetta to let Jen know how to access the wiki. Jen is to go to dotproject and comment on the timeline. Jen to approve team members.
  • Zoltan - Visa waiver program registration
  • All - iGEM registration
  • Zoltan/All: Transmit the internal wiki onto the iGEM team wiki
  • Jannetta: Send Jen a guide on how to get the PDF file from dotProject
  • Jen and Neil: Give remarks on timeline based on PDF file on dotProject
  • Jen and Neil: Accept iGEM team member registration

Next Meeting

  • Informal meeting: 4 p.m. @ 04/04/10, CLT.922
  • Chair: Steve, Minutes: Da, Computer: Richard