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Formal Meeting - 3 February 2010

  • Start Time: 3.30 p.m.
  • Attendance: Philip, Rachel, Zoltan, Harsh, Younus, Alan, Steven, Da, Jannetta, Richard, Neil, Jen and Matt

Summary of the last meeting

  • Discussion of all the informal ideas which were put forwrd during the last informal meeting
  • Bacillus can take up DNA from the external environment easily - genetics competence having multiple pathways
  • Bacillus has a good spore forming capability
  • Someone is working on making antigen presenting Bacillus spores
  • There are good projects and some ideas presented can be used as a tool for good projects

Wiki Updates

  • Put dotproject URL in the timeline section (done!!)


  • Project finalisation by 3rd March
  • By next week prepare the timeline having all the important dates like (making design for wiki, t-shirts etc.)
  • Fundraising/Sponsoring
  • Registration payment reminder to Neil and Jen (a week in advance)

Action Points

  • Put 10 minutes extra time for the next week's formal meeting for learning dotproject - Neil, Jen and Matt
  • Next week on Wednesday we will have a modelling tutorial from the supervisors
  • We first need to know about the BioBricks and then about maths modelling and clone manager etc.
  • Addition of Neil, Jen and Matt to dotproject - Jannetta
  • Next week's formal meeting is at 4 p.m. - Everyone
  • Tutorials is to take place at the start of the meeting
  • Look at the previous years BioBrick registry, see which ones are not characterised, which can be developed and a project can be based on that - everyone
  • By next Wednesday make a list/checklist of what we have to do to achieve GOLD!! (PRIORITY)
  • Decide which SPECIAL AWARD we want to aim for and develop your project accordingly
  • After anyone makes a big wiki change please send an email to everyone for an update on wiki
  • Put special protection on wiki log in - Zoltan
  • Everyone kindly send attached files to anyone in .doc or .xls format
  • iGEM registration - Neil, Jen and Matt
  • By next Friday, please put the summarized link of the previous year's teams given to you on the wiki - Everyone
  • Fill in the holiday/absent dates in the holiday link present in the essential dates link

Next Meeting

  • Informal meeting:
    • Friday 5th February, 4.10 p.m. in Room 601
    • Chair: Da, Minute: Steven