Finished_final.png 35S Promoter Team:Nevada/registry submissions

The 35S promoter is frequently used as a constitutive promoter in plant research, primarily Arabidopsis experiments, and has been demonstrated to work in Nicotiana tabacum (Kuluev et al, 2010). This promoter normally drives transcription of the Cauliflower mosaic virus genome and shows no tissue or developmental specificity (Keller et al, 2002). For these reasons, the 2010 Nevada iGEM team modified the 35S promoter to conform to BioBrick standards, providing a reliable constitutive promoter to future iGEM teams wishing to engineer plants.

Keller, M., Haas, M., Bureau, M., Geldreich, A. and Yot, P. (2002) Cauliflower mosaic virus: still in the news. Molecular Plant Pathology, 3(6), 419–429.
Kuluev, B. R., Knyazev, A. V., Lebedev, P. Ya., Iljassowa, A. A. and Chemeris, A. V. (2010) Construction of Hybrid Promoters of Caulimoviruses and Analysis of Their Activity in Transgenic Plants. Russian Journal of Plant Physiology, Vol. 57, No. 4, 582-589.

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