Team:Monash Australia/Meetings



Team Meeting Logbook


  1. Discussion of funding ideas
  2. Registration of the team with iGEM central
  3. Brainstormed several ideas for potential project


  1. Narrowed down topics to 3 from research during the week due to the feasibility of the projects
  2. Discussion on the potentials of each project and delgating task of researching further each project
  3. Organisation of official funding proposals


  1. Discussion on which project to work on, It was decided on Ethylene. Further research into its production in plants required.
  2. Reviewed Funding proposals
  3. Research of required enzymes in the pathyways also required


  1. welcome back from exam/mid semester break period
  2. Finalisation of Funding proposal and proposals sent off
  3. Andrew gave a whirlwind tour of the BBF RFC10 assembly standard & and overview of the operations required for assembly.


  1. Thanks guys for attending, i know its hard to juggle Full uni load and work on iGEM
  2. Follow up on Funding
  3. Find the Sequences and design primers for cloning required enzymes


  1. Welcome back from end of semester 1 exams and break. Welcome back andrew from Taiwan iGEM project
  2. Organaised saftey inductions for lab work
  3. BioSaftey officer contacted, approval for work to begin
  4. Some funding recieved
  5. Primers designed and ordered


  1. Quick meeting to update on funding and plans on lab work
  2. Follow ups on non responding potential funding sources
  3. Organise an iGEM awareness/fund raising bake sale


  1. Update from lab work
  2. Organisation of team members with responsibilities
  3. Daniel organised presentation to a local high school for 'science week'
  4. Discussed how to characterise a biobrick
  5. Work on the offcial wiki


  1. Ben updated us on lab work
  2. Bought up to speed team members that were unavaliable previously
  3. Discussed options to obtain silver and gold medals


  1. Good work Daniel in promoting iGEM at science week and reciving some funding