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Who we are



  • Faculty 1: Jeffrey Gralnick
  • Faculty 2: Claudia Schmidt-Dannert
  • Post-Doc 1: Swati Choudhary
  • Post-Doc 2: Ethan Johnson
  • Post-Doc 3: Poonam Srivastava


  • Student 1: Matthew Adams
  • Student 2: Rachel Farr
  • Student 3: Anthony Goering
  • Student 4: Annie Kathuria
  • Student 5: Ian Windsor

In memoriam

Ethan Johnson

Ethan T. Johnson

9-22-1972 to 9-21-2010

Ethan, our dear friend, colleague and teacher, died on September 21st 2010 due to injuries suffered in a hit-and-run car accident. We are shocked and devastated by our loss. Ethan joined the Schmidt-Dannert lab in 2005, and was the go-to guy for all our questions, scientific and otherwise. He nurtured the talents of us all, and made us better scientists.

As undergraduates working on the iGEM project in Claudia’s lab, we feel blessed to call Ethan Johnson a friend and mentor. We could not have asked for more in a teacher: he was a knowledgeable guide at times when we felt we were blundering and lost. He always gave a thoughtful pause before answering our questions. When we were feeling foolish, struggling to understand a new concept or experimental technique, Ethan was always considerate and helpful. In addition to being a great experimenter, Ethan was involved in the Minneapolis arts and outdoor activities communities. As undergraduates, we looked up to him for his ability to balance his scientific accomplishments and diverse interests. We feel that working with and getting to know Ethan has shown all of us on the iGEM team how to be better scientists and members of a community.

A web-site has been built to honor and remember our friend: