Team:MIT acknowledgements


MIT iGEM 2010 Abstract



Donation of the Collins toggle
  • Collins Lab at Boston University

Participation in Bioethics Video
  • Christopher Anderson
  • George Church
  • Drew Endy
  • Steve Evans
  • Wendell Lim
  • Jay Keasling

Help and Lab Equipment
  • John Burpo from the Belcher Lab
  • Noah Davidsohn from the Weiss Lab
  • Ratmir Derda from the Whitesides Lab
  • Rana Ghosh from the Belcher Lab
  • Oksana Sergeeva and the King Lab
  • Dongyan Tan from the Walz Lab

Use of Lab Space and Materials
  • Belcher Lab
  • King Lab
  • Knight Lab
  • Walz Lab
  • Weiss Lab