Tyler’s Dark Day in the Lab, 20 September 2010

By Anonymous Smith
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Please understand, that EVERYONE on the team, not just Tyler, has had a Dark Day. (Or two, . . . , or three . . . .)


Here are short monologs about the five works, so far, related to the U of L iGEM lab.

Three works premiered in the U of L iGEM lab, two premiered at aGEM.

Two word works from Testimonials premiered in the lab: On the way to point theta, and D Ownhill Challenges.

On the way to point theta is like a road sign urging people to think [okay here comes the cliché] ‘out-of the-box’. Why presume certain ways of doing things?

On the way to point theta

By Anonymous Smith

D Ownhill Challenges is about the willingness to image, to accept something that is mentally, physically, or otherwise an event in life that causes effort because it is not easy. Each person owns her/his own motivators.

D Ownhill Challenges

By Anonymous Smith

Premiering in the iGEM lab, What is the sound of 3 hands clapping is about collaboration. Going beyond the classic zen paradox of ‘what is the sound of 1 hand clapping’, this work embeds also the idea of substance in one vessel being added to a larger, less-filled vessel. This is a metaphor for many of our human experiences.

What is the sound of three hands clapping

By Anonymous Smith

Two works premiered at aGEM:

Not Unlike What You Put into Life is about being engaged in the moments of life, and each instance that you put energy into an activity is like adding drops of meaning to the glass tube of your existence. Of course, the artwork is readable on a literal level: someone is vigilant in measuring the addition of one liquid to another

Not Unlike What You Put into Life

By Anonymous Smith

Completing the tryptich [with What is the sound of 3 hands clapping and Not Unlike What You Put into Life at aGEM], Not Unlike Love is a work that on the literal level is about a researcher reaching for, or positioning a flask; but on a more symbolic [metaphoric] level, is about emotion that is likely driven by DNA. Love is not logical, and you may think the flask is full . . . and you’ve got to have something that stirs it. You have to stir love to make it last.

Not Unlike Love

By Anonymous Smith

The Assembly 1.0

An Assemblage: Complementing the Extraction of Bitumen


movement #1 of the sonification for this biologically engineered sequence


movement #2 of sonification: pLacI-sRBS-Mms6-dT


3rd musical selection


last musical selection