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BioBrick No.DescriptionDistributionWell No.LengthPlasmid
BBa_B0015 double terminator (B0010-B0012) Spring 2010 1-23L 129bp pSB1AK3
BBa_E0040 wild-type GFP Spring 2010 1-14K 720 bp pSB1A2
BBa_K098993 heat sensitive cI QPI with low promoter Spring 2010 3-1G 935 bp pSB1A2
BBa_I6316 QPI Curve Test I0500.E0420.I0500.Q04511.E0430 Spring 2010 2-1M 5243 pSB1A2
BBa_J45119 Wintergreen odor enzyme (BMST1) generator Spring 2010 2-5B 1230 bp pSB1AT3
BBa_E0840 GFP generator Spring 2010 1-12O 878 bp pSB1A2
BBa_I13001 Jay Blumling, Debra Lin, Madeleine Sheldon-dante, Fred Tan, MIT SMUG Spring 2010 1-24G 881 bp pSB1A2
BBa_I13522 pTet GFP Spring 2010 2-8A 937 bp pSB1A2
BBa_E1010 **highly** engineered mutant of red fluorescent protein from Discosoma striata (coral) Spring 2010 1-18F 681 bp pSB2K3
BBa_J04450 RFP Coding Device Spring 2010 1-5A 1069 bp pSB1K3
BBa_J04450 RFP Coding Device Spring 2010 1-1A 1069 bp pSB1A10
BBa_K098995 heat sensitive cI QPI with high promoter Spring 2010 3-1E 935 bp pSB1A2
BBa_J04450 RFP Coding Device Spring 2010 1-3A 1069 bp pSB1C3
BBa_I712074 T7 promoter (strong promoter from T7 bacteriophage) Spring 2010 1-6N 46 bp pSB1AK8
BBa_F2621 3OC6HSL Receiver Device Spring 2010 2-21H 1158 bp pSB1A2
BBa_J45200 Banana odor generator Spring 2010 2-5F 1801 bp pSB1AT3
BBa_K112000 T4 holin, complete CDS, berkeley standard Spring 2010 3-15B 657 bp BBa_K112950
BBa_K112022 Lambda phage lysis device - no promoter Spring 2010 3-24E 1499 bp BBa_K112954
BBa_I0500 Inducible pBad/araC promoter Spring 2010 3-20B 1210 bp pSB2K3
BBa_K084014 3OC6HSL Sender Device Spring 2010 2-2B 869 bp pSB1A2
BBa_P1002 ampicillin resistance cassette Spring 2010 2-21B 943 bp pSB1A1
BBa_I765001 UV promoter Spring 2010 1-21B 76 bp pSB1A2
BBa_J06702 mCherry, bacterial with RBS and forward terminator Spring 2010 2-8E 869 bp pSB1A2
BBa_I732085 Tet repressor generator version1 Spring 2010 1-23D 826 bp pSB1AK3