Welcome to our notebooks! Here you will find the documentation of our labwork in diary form. Just follow the links and look around!

Synthetic miRNA Kit

Dive into the depth of our Synthetic miRNA Kit! Explore the possibilites, retrace the development of its versatile parts, feel the creativity and start playing with them yourself!

Capsid shuffling

Did you ever get bored by the common viruses that infect randomly, irrational and uncontrolable? Never again! We created a library of synthetic viruses that can be evolved on any cell type of choice and enable you to select for your personal favourite virus, custom made!

Homology Based

This clever approach uses DNAseI shuffling of AAV capsid genes followed by PCR amplification with primers for homologous regions. Find out how we mastered this approach!


Last year's Alberta BioBytes served as the basis for our ViroBytes method. We optimized the protocol for production of rationally shuffled synthetic viruses.


THE standard for characterization of synthetic miRNA binding sites in mammalian cells!

in Vivo Study

Follow how we put our constructs into our viruses, and our viruses into mouse, showing how we can tune gene expression in vivo!

Materials & Methods