Team - Illuminati

We are the Illuminati - a multidisciplinary team based at the University of Edinburgh, consisting of ten students, two advisors, and two supervisors from various different backgrounds including biology, engineering, informatics, and design. Assembled during the summer of 2010 to take part in the worldwide synthetic biology competition known as iGEM, we consider ourselves to be a fun and eclectic bunch, if perhaps somewhat eccentric as well.

    Chris French     Alistair Elfick

    Emma Frow     Jane Calvert
    With special thanks to Damian Barnard, Kelly Joblin, Sahreena, Eugene, and Joe.

    Marta Bereska     Matthew Coombes     Hannah Fraser     Sarah Hunt     Maria Kowal
    Meng Lu     Richard Partridge-Hicks     William Rostain     Donal Stewart     John Wilson-Kanamori

Contact us at: igem2010 (at) ed (dot) ac (dot) uk

Our introductory pages also contain more information on the University of Edinburgh, as well as a gallery of some of the more amusing photographs and videos taken of us during the iGEM summer.

Throughout this wiki there are words in bold that indicate a relevance to human aspects. It will become obvious that human aspects are a part of almost everything in iGEM.