Biobrick Parts

Promoter Testing Construct

These two biobricks are designed to allow testing of any promoter simply via simple PCR in front of B0034. If the promoter activity is repressed, GFP will be expressed. Both have been submitted. For more information, please visit the parts registry.



Initial transformation of the part was successful; GC5 colonies carrying the part in the pSB1A3 plasmid fluoresced when excited by 500nm wavelength light.

BBa_J23100 was attached to K42900 by standard assembly; the part was then transformed into GC5 and plated on ampercilin agar. The colonies did not express GFP constitutively, but began to express GFP upon induction by aTc.

Comparable results were exhibited from the replacement of BBa_J23100 with a modified cI-lamda promoter that housed an AP-1 binding site.

Compatibility Information:

Chassis: Shown to work in GC5

Plasmids: Shown to be functional in pSB1A3, pSB1C3

Promoters: J23100 was successfully appended to the part by standard assembly; A modified cI lam promoter with recognition sites for AP-1 binding was successfully appended to the part by PCA;