2010 CBNU-KOREA iGEM team’s final goal is minimal genome synthesis and synthetic cell.

But synthesizing all these is very complicate and too many things we have to know.

For example, thing like how to decide genes to organize and arrange in minimal genome or select what kind of genes we use.

So, as the first step of our ultimate goal, we synthesized minimal chromosome.

In order to synthesize the minimal chromosome, we used some essential genes, particular sites

and origin of V.cholerae O1 biovar eltor str. N16961 chromosome II, parA, parB, rctA, rctB protein coding genes,parS, dif sites

and origin. For confirming it’s function is working well, we employ GFP protein and fusion to ParB protein and then observe fluorescence microscope.

Also, we reconstruct essential gene database from DEG and NCBI.

And we make Genome Designer using this reconstructed database and add it to Artemis’s DNADraw.