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Developing low-cost alternatives to existing hardware: Electrophoresis Apparatus

To construct the cheap electrophoresis that we have designed you need several parts. All of the components of the electrophoresis are laser cut acrylic of .220" thickness. The design can be modified to use any thickness that is around .220". If you do not possess your own laser cutter or do not have access to one, the parts can be laser cut using several online services such as Ponoko (, Pololu (, or any other laser cutting service. Note that this does increase the price of the electrophoresis as can be expected from any small quantity machine shop. The design files and list of materials are included at the bottom of this page.


The following parts are needed:


1. Get the two Holder sides and the base.
2. Glue the two Holder sides to the base using Plastruct Weld. Hold this together for five minutes.
3. If needed, brush more Plastruct weld into the cracks to ensure a seal. Hold this together.
4. Get the long sides and the previously constructed holder.
5. Glue the long sides to the previously constructed holder using Plastruct Weld. If needed brush more in the cracks.
6. Wait 24 hours for the Plastruct to set.
7. Get the silicone caulk and the construct.
8. Caulk the construct on all of the inside seams.
9. Get the anode/cathode holders and conducting plates. Screw a plate onto the anode and cathode.

Finished Device

EP.jpg EP2.jpg

Design Files

Design files for Electrophoresis

Materials and Tools

Materials needed:

  1. 1 Sheet of Acrylic .220" at least 12"x12" (
  2. 1 vial of Plastruct Weld (
  3. 1 tube of Silicone Caulk (
  4. 2 Bananna Plug Connectors {
  5. 2 3"x 2.5" x .015" stainless steel sheet (

Note that some of these materials will provide a great deal more then is needed for the construction of one device (The plastruct weld, Silicone Caulk, and Stainless Sheet are enough for approximately 15 devices). Additionally, all of the parts except the Bandanna Plug connectors can be replaced with generic equivalents.

Tools Needed:

  1. Laser Cutter
  2. Tin Snips or Break/Shear