TO DO Website:

  • translate the German parts in English.
  • modify the left side menu.
  • rename 'LOGIN' to 'FOTOS' or 'PICTURES'. We could make a galery of our work in the lab there.
  • provide each entry in Notebook with a cool/funny picture of that day.

--Tatyana 15:00, 14 August 2010 (UTC)

  • change all 'apoptosis' in the 'project 1 apoptosis' in the left side menu, head menu and the 'apoptosis notebook' in the 'lab notebook' menu into 'ApoControl'
  • change Cut'N'survive System in the left list menu into Cut'N'Survive System. - DONE
  • delete the 'ApoControl' button in the left side menu, because it's the same as 'Project 1: ApoControl'. -DONE


  • hauptseite schmäler machen
  • apocontrol-labnotebook schmäler machen
    • the reason for this is the huge table from 5.10.2010. Can you change the axes (make rows to columns and columns to rows)? -- Tatyana 18:10, 8 October 2010 (UTC)


  • I thought we wanted all "Apoptosis"-headers tranformed to ApoControl...


    • If I understood Jens right, he will do it :-) Tatyana
  • -> tatyana: kannst du bitte unter der neuen "welcome-Zeile" ein bisschen Platz einfügen, ich krieg das irgendwie nicht hin... -- haben wiki doch noch ausgetrickst -- done