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GENEART synthesis offer

GENEART, a sponsoring partner of iGEM, is once again offering low-cost DNA synthesis to all iGEM 2010 teams. Instructions for taking advantage of this great offer are below.

Please note:

  • All iGEM teams must register an authorized team account with Mr. Gene prior to placement of the first order to identify themselves as iGEM participants. Of course team accounts from the previous year can be continued.
    • After an account has been assigned to be an iGEM team account Mr. Gene will assign 1,500 Basebucks® to this account. These will be encashed during check out and will reduce the total price by 50%.
  • Teams can earn additional Basebucks® by posting GENEART and Mr.Gene logos on their teams wiki or other webpages. Contact mrgene AT mrgene DOT com for additional opportunities.
  • Average turnaround time is 15 business days
  • Sponsorship period ends Sept. 15th, 2010.

See more details about the offer on their GENEART sponsorship page.

Instructions on how to order

  • iGEM teams will want to be sure to optimize their sequence to not have unwanted restriction sites -- you do not want the EcoRI, PstI, XbaI, or SpeI sites within your part so that the part complies with Assembly Standard 10!. However, you will want to include the BioBrick Prefix and Suffix flanking either side of your part sequence. This way you will be able to cut your part out of the GENEART cloning backbone with EcoRI and PstI and easily ligate it into the Registry's shipping plasmid backbone (a sample of which was sent to each team in their DNA distribution kit).


GENEART - Enabling Tomorrow's Innovators

In 2000 GENEART entered the Gene Synthesis market and has since become the global market leader. Today, the company is one of the leading specialists in the Synthetic Biology field. Experts at GENEART provide key technologies for the development and production of new therapeutics and vaccines. Customers also take advantage of GENEART services to customize enzyme attributes, such as the attributes of enzymes used as detergent additives, and to construct bacteria, which produce complex biopolymers or break down polymers, such as synthetics, petroleum components, etc. GENEART’s service portfolio ranges from the optimization and production of synthetic genes according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, to the generation of gene variants or complex gene libraries and the production of cell lines, to the development and production of DNA and protein based drug candidates. GENEART AG in Regensburg and its subsidiaries GENEART Inc. in Toronto (Canada) and GENEART Inc. in San Francisco (USA) employ about 180 people. The company is listed on the German Stock Exchange since May 2006. Since April 2010, the US-American Life Technologies Corporation, one of the leading biotechnology companies worldwide with 2009 revenues of 3.3B U.S. dollars and about 9,000 employees, is majority shareholder of GENEART AG.