LB( TY) medium



-10 g Bacto-tryptone

-5 g yeast extract

-10 g NaCl


-Mix dry ingredients and add distilled water up to 1 Liet

-Pour into 2 L flask (or greater)

-Autoclave (liquid cycle)

(250 oF,22 psi, 30 min)

Note: There asre two formulations of LB, Miller and Lennox, that differ in the amount of NaCl. Lenox has less salt, only 5 g/L. The Qiagen miniprep kit recommends LB with 10 g NaCl for highest plasmid yields.

Notes We don't adjust pH of medium when we make it on the fly. However, if it is really important, pH the medium to 7.0 with 5M NaOH (~ 200 μl ).