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September, 23th

Assay Team

We analyzed plates spread the day before. We got a great number of colonies in nearly all plates. After counting all plates we realized that results more logical and expected were achieved when we used aspartate like attractant and thin needles.

We designed a new chemotaxis assay to test the chemotaxis behavior of Pseudomonas putida KT2442 to aspartate. We wanted to study if the results were reproducible and if there was necessary to add succinate to the medium to detect chemotaxis to aspartate.

Asp 1mM 10mM 100mM
- succ
A        C
A        C
A        C
+ succ (30 mM)
A        C
A        C
A        C

We were going to put four needles in each cubicle, two with aspartate and two with motility buffer to test if the results were reproducible. Also we were going to add succinate in one line of the chemotaxis chamber. In this line needles and the medium of the cubicle had the same concentration of succinate. We prepared all the necessary material to the next day.

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