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September, 9th

Production Team

In order to check PCR conditions we were going to repeat the same PCR reactions using primers enough to amplified, not only fecR part, else also fragments which conform it. These fragments were generated in the first overlapping PCR reaction. Also we performed these PCR reactions using like template first overlapping PCR reaction products concentrated and 1/10 diluted.

We analyzed by 0,8% gel electrophoresis the PCR products and the purified products of the first overlapping PCR reaction. In this way we could check amplification and gel purification. It is shown positives only for first purified products: one of them in high quantity and the other in more little. There was not amplification, so some conditions should have failed.

Assembly Team

We did not observed colonies in any plate. We analyzed the digestion products by agarose-gel electrophoresis, and everything seemed to be all right.

Assay Team

Eventually the assay was an unqualified failure and we didn’t achieve any positive result. We should study why it has happened and change some things to adjust properly the assay.

We suspect that eitherthe bacterial motilities in our bacteria or the chemotaxis buffer are wrong. In next assays we’ll try to explain how this is produced and we will try to improve those results.

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