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August, 11th

Assembly Team

That day we got a lot of colonies red and white in at least every plaque; non in: 12+19, 11+2+13+3 and 1+2+16+3 plaques. Non DNA controls were cleaned. We made colony PCR with 6 colonies from each plaque. Agarose gel analysis showed than running time was too long. We could not rule out anything, so we set up inocula of each candidate.

We set up inocula of positive candidate from UPO 4, UPO 5 and UPO 11 plates. We made minipreps with the day before inocula and analytic digestions. 0.8% agarosa gel analysis confirm 2+18 and 2+4+2+6.

We made colony PCR using colonies from 18+3 and 2+6+2+5+3 plates: NOTHING RESULTS.

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