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July, 27th

Production Team

Paola Gallardo. We made the second round of the PCR reaction for the SDM, using suitable primers and fragments (gltD1+ gltD2, fecI-fecR1 + fecI-fecR2), and changing the characteristics of the cycles. Purification of the obtained products.

David Caballero. Inocula analysis of fecI and PfecA: vector purification and 1.2% agarose gel electrophoresis analysis. We had positive results for both pats. Two tests have been made to verify the obtaining of these new parts we added to the biobrick catalog: colony PCR and digestive purify vector analysis. We set up inocula of parts gltB and fecI-fecR* to realize the second testing the next day. On the other hand we performed colony PCR reactions to test three colonies emerged in fecA* transformed plate. 0.8% agarose gel electrophoresis showed multiple lines, some of them coincident with fecA* size (2.4 kbp). So we set up inocula of these three new candidates and let them incubate overnight shaking at 37ºC.

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