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July, 21th

Production Team

Paola Gallardo. We isolated plasmid (minipreps.) from fecR, PfecA, fecI-fecR-PfecA and fecR-PfecA, and we digested them with Kit Gingo. We made an analytic elctrophoresis (0'8%) of the products. Negative results for PfecA, positive results for fecR, fecI-fecR-PfecA and fecR-PfecA.

David Caballero. We got only one colony in each plate of PfecA and gltB. Colony analytic PCR reactions and 0.8% agarose gel electrophoresis analysis showed these colonies did not include mentioned parts. We deduced ligation had not been made in perfect conditions; surely the room temperature was too high. We prepared new ligation reactions for every part again and kept them at 16oC overnight.

Assembly Team

We have digested plasmid from three different colonies to check what parts we had. We likely have UPO1+UPO2 but we wanted to be completely sure so we will do again a digestion tomorrow. Moreover, we have tried to build UPO1+19 again so we have been ligating and transforming this afternoon.

DryLab Team

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