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Locally-hosted documentation

Since it is a requirement, we present here an overview of our collaborations with other iGEM teams.


The Illuminati connection proved to be an effective bridge. Parts, ideas, and experiences were exchanged.


The Cambridge collaboration was mostly one-way. They've really helped us with parts we were unable to obtain.


This collaboration with our "brother" team on the main campus consists of Modelling aiding.

Full documentation

The full documentation on each collaboration is documented in other servers.


Our team has recently established contact with Edinburgh's Illuminati team. Given that both projects are strikingly similar, and the good-natured collaboration between both teams, we decided to work together. Thus BRIDGING with people!

The following Collaborations Log will attempt to document the progress and facilitate communication between these teams.


Likewise, we are also working with the Cambridge team. Since they are interested in maximizing bioluminescent reactions, we are quite interested in their work ;) That collaboration is documented here.


Model oriented stuff. Work still in progress...



iGEM is the International Genetically Engineered Machines Competition, held each year at MIT and organized with support of the Parts Registry. See more here.

Synthetic Biology

This is defined as attempting to manipulate living objects as if they were man-made machines, specifically in terms of genetic engineering. See more here.


We are students on the Genomic Sciences program at the Center for Genomic Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, campus Morelos. See more here.

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