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Until now, we have focused on three main projects. Twelve students are split up into several groups, and each groups have been focused on their work.
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Overall project

Our team is running three projects.

Project Details

Project 1 Imitating Symbiotic system by building up genetic circuit

Many species have chosen to cooperate with other species in order to live through in tough environment (in other word, Symbiosis). We are intended to build a reproducible system of symbiosis, making use of quorum sensing.

Project 2 Color Photography

Black and White Photography was designed using genetically-engineered, red light-sensible E. coli (, 2005). Inspired by this achievement, our intention grew to develop an image with various, vivid colors.

Project 3 Producing fruit fragrance

There are already couples of works in iGEM that dealt with production of fragrance. This time we’d like to introduce novel fruit fragrances to iGEM.

The Experiments


1.Anselm Levskaya, Aaron A. Chevalier, Jeffrey J. Tabor, Zachary Booth Simpson, Laura A. Lavery, Matthew Levy, Eric A. Davidson, Alexander Scouras, Andrew D. Ellington,Edward M. Marcotte& Christopher A. Voigt Synthetic biology: Engineering Escherichia coli to see light, Nature 438, 441-442 (24 November 2005)


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