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St Andrews from East Sands

University of St Andrews iGEM 2010


The Saints

University of St Andrews iGEM 2010

Our first year at iGEM!

V. Cholerae Quorum Sensing Model

This component of our modelling work was conceived while in dialogue with the biologists, who wanted to understand how our E.Coli bacteria would interact with cholera while in the human gut. Having searched through the scientific literature, we found that no real body of work had been undertaken to fully model the V.Cholerae quorum sensing system, even in isolation. It seemed that the specific biological pathways linking the signalling molecule to increased promotion of the quorum sensing operon had only been recently understood [1] and as such had not yet been computationally examined. With the prospect of a hitherto unexplored area of research to investigate, we embarked on the task of understanding these complex pathways and developing equations to describe their dynamics.

Below you will find the code (written in C++) for our V.Cholerae model. Having developed our set of equations, we soon discovered that it was not possible to make any worthwhile progress with this project, due to the distinct lack of rate constants available. However, we still think our code will be useful for future teams investigating this line of research and as such decided to upload it under a GNU general purpose license.

V.Cholerae Quorum Sensing network differential equations

V.Cholerae Quorum Sensing network code