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Who are we???


  • Leonard Pattenden
  • Florencia Camus


  • Symon Smith: Studying biotechnology. Interests outside of science include architecture, music and reading. I hope to one day apply science to the creation of novelty pets, such as tabletop elephants, or glow in the dark cats, while saving the world with synthetic biology.
  • Ebony Perkins: Studying biotechnology. Other interests include theatre, travelling and animals.
  • Sebastian Ramov: Loves iGEM
  • Jeremy Nagels: Loves patent law :-)
  • TBA:

The Story so far

(19 June 2010):

Jeremy Nagels, a student at Monash university, Ebony and Symon have begun discussing various project ideas. These include:


The use of the Hydrogenase 3 complex to generate Hydrogen within E Coli as a form of biofuel.

The possibility of biological prevention of tooth decay with biobricks.

The application of biobricks to a mixed cell community.

The development of cell free transcription/ translation within a cellular system, for example the phloem of a plant, (although the development of this level of symbiosis may be the stuff of future projects)

The attempt is being made to develop a project that in some ways reflects these interests and possibly taps a common thread underlying them.

  (22th June:)

Inviting all-comers to edit- edit- edit! Symon and Ebony working on designing primers while the team gathers from all corners of the nation, like a crew of pirates AaaaRRRRRMIT!

(25th June):

While Len raids the isle once known as Formosa Symon is raiding the archives of igem for treasure chests (plasmid backbones) for a mission, secret as of yet, Now there be four students aboard ye ship.

Where we're from

Florencia Camus: Len Pattenden:

Symon hails from the shaky isles but now studies at RMIT biotechnology. Ebony comes from Geelong. Jeremy joins our crew from Clayton Monash. Seb participated in 2009.