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== '''What we did''' ==
== '''What we did''' ==
(Provide proper attribution for all work)
== '''Where we're from''' ==
== '''Where we're from''' ==

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Who we are

We are team Macquarie University. This is the first time that we have entered IGEM. Our team is made up of interdisciplinary expert advisors and undergraduate students.


  • Nicki Packer: MIA!!!
  • Louise Brown: Leader of the pack!
  • Robert Willows: The brain behind the operation


  • Yagiz Alp Aksoy: Our fearless leader!
  • Hilal Varinli: Our DNA extraction extraordinaire
  • Katie Mackenzie: Our PCR programming genius and super gel loader!
  • Jo Hare: Our computer girl, can pour a mean agarose gel!
  • Olga Ibrahim: Our professional pippetter and our wannabe photographer!
  • Sangeev Sabthirasegaram: The wiki expert!

What we did

Where we're from