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Guys, everyone write something about the advisors, please


First and foremost, we would like to thank Professor Dr. Roland Eils for bringing together such a diverse team of students and share not only his vision, but also his resources with us. It is far from usual to put this much trust (and money) into a student research group, and it cannot be overstated how much we appreciate it.

Our greatest thanks go, without any doubt, to Dr. Dirk Grimm. His total devotion and dedication, his patience and his ability to take our project to levels that we couldn't even have dreamt of have helped to bring out the best in each of our experiments.

Without Jens Keienburg none of us would have been part of iGEM or would have ever found our inner dancing abilities (that for some of us, they were hidden quite deeply). But he believed in us, even after the first disastrous dancing lessons, and made us into the first iGEM team that would also be able to win any cheerleading competition. To offset the effects of our dancing workout, he fed us with pizza whenever possible. Of course we are also thankful for all the support and the management of the lab.

We would like thank all of our advisors, who have been a pleasure to work with (although we are not sure they can say the same thing about us), and have been extremely patient with our questions and problems. They were always there for us and even in desperate and laborious times, they stayed with us even if that meant seeing the sunrise from the BioQuant balcony.

PhD Christina Raupp, for helping with the planning and conducting of virus production and in vivo experiments.

Clarissa Liesche, who brought us the joy of ELISA, helped us with the measurements and supplied us with everything from enyzmes to energy drinks. It was also a lot of fun exploring and manipulating the wiki with her.

Subgroup leader Joel Beaudouin, who alwys listened and helped us measuring at the flow cytometer, SP2, SP5, epifluorescence...just every measurement.

Kathleen Börner,

Marina Bechtle

Paula Gonzalez, who spent hours and hours on the microscope with us and helped us analyzing the fluorescence of thousands of cells.

Without your help, sacrifice and dedication, we wouldn't be anywhere close to here.

We would also like to thank Eike Kienle for his help with the constructs, Nina (Surname????) for the introduction for the luminometer and advice on the contructs, and all groups of the BioQuant who helped us to collect billions of HEK cells in three days.

Thanks to Nao, Tim and Stephan, from the iGEM 2009 team, whose efforts pointed us in the right direction and give us a nice ground to built on.

Very much appreciated are also the companies, foundations and the academic sponsors, who believed in our project and sponsored our work.

We have to be thankful to our families, our partners and our friends, who had to put up with our strange work timetables and our non availability during the last four months. Thank you all for understanding what science and iGEM meant to us during all this time and helping us to push through the harder times on our way.

The website design team would like to thank especially SELFHTML (in German). We wouldn't have been able to create such a wiki, both from the view of graphics and coding, without using this great tutorial glossary. Furthermore, it helped us avoiding many annoying forum trolls who impede any effective search for appropriate problem solutions.

Also we are thanking Stephen Krämer, for his kind help with the RFCs and part submission

On a strict personal level, and without ever revealing why, we also have to thank: Nespresso, Ritter Sport (and chocolate in general), Schokakola, the people from Burkina Faso, the dead balloon syndrome, big waterfalls, self-controlled trains, random bacteria who decide to grow up where they shouldn't and contaminate our cell culture, Polish mint-flavoured Vodka, green comfy chairs, table football, explicit hip-hop songs, mojitos, tigers, easy-to-strip lab coats, emotional breakdowns in the lab, all of the Harry Potter characters, terrific Mensa food, whoever once forgot to lock the door to the great 7th floor balcony, Bellini...

all of these made iGEM experience... unique and unforgettable. Thank you