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Firstly, we would like to thank Professor Eils, for bringing us together as a team. Next, without any doubt, we are thankful to Dr. Grimm, for his total devotion and dedication to iGEM, for his patience and his ability to take our project to levels where we couldn't have even dreamed by ourselves. We have to thank Jens, initially for taking into consideration all of our individual abilities and deciding that we could be a part of iGEM, and secondly for the dance classes ;). We have to thank all of our advisors, who have been a pleasure to work with (although we are not sure they can say the same thing about us), and have been extremely patient with our questions and problems. Thanks (in strict alphabetical order): Charley, Christina, Clarissa, Kathleen, Marina, Paula, Joel... without your help, sacrifice and dedication, we wouldn't be anywhere close to here. We also appreciate the effort that members of the iGEM 2009 team made to point us in the right direction. We appreciate enormously the companies who believed in our project and sponsored our work.

We have to be thankful to our families, our partners and our friends, who had to put up with our strange work timetables and our non availability during three months. Thank you all for understanding what science and iGEM meant to us during all this time.

On a strict personal level, and without ever revealing why, we also have to thank: Nespresso coffee pads, Ritter Sport and chocolate in general, a green balloon, big waterfalls, self-controlled trains, random bacteria who decide to grow up where they shouldn't and contaminate our cell culture, Polish mint-flavoured Vodka, table football, mojitos, easy-to-strip lab coats, emotional breakdowns in the lab, all of the Harry Potter characters, disgusting Mensa food, Bellini, explicit hip-hop songs... all of these made iGEM experience... unique.

Heidelberg Team 2010