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Full Name: Hannah Patricia Fraser

Aliases: Tea Mistress

Code Name: The Terminator

Occupation: Chemical Engineer

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: February 9, 1990

Weight: 60.5kg

Blood Type: Unknown

Height: 5ft 7in

Handedness: Right

Hair Colour: Blonde

Nationality: Scottish-American

Eye Colour: Like the sea after a storm

Alignment: Perfect

  Appearance: Wide-eyed and worried (usually about being tickled)

  Psych. Profile: Paranoid

  Personal History: Cambridge - Virginia - Edinburgh/New York. Does that make me Scottish?!

  Modus Operandi: Be in competition always, but don't tell your opponent that you are in competition until you win!

  Witness Comments: Hannah, don't worry - you're *irreplaceable*.
                                        ...that is, until we find another female American engineer who likes Harry Potter and is ridiculously ticklish...
                                        Can bruise when she's mad...or thinks she's going to be tickled...
                                        She's also the other half.
                                        All hail the conqueror of Arthur's Seat. Hurrah!

  Greatest Obsessions: Stopping people from tickling me...or possibly Harry Potter!

  Annoying Quirks: Defensiveness

  Superpower: Shapeshifter

  Favourite Sport: Quidditch

  Favourite Football Team: Is this real football or American football?

  Favourite Phrase: All who wander are not lost - J.R.R. Tolkien Lord of the Rings

  Favourite Books: See Maria's

  Favourite Films: How to choose?!

  Items to take to desert island: A boat

  Attitude towards Johnny Depp: Really Marta?!

  Most hated singer / song: Will's iPod

  Tea?: Anyone?