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Genomic BRIDGEs


Our Project

Our BRIDGE construct will contain chloramphenicol resistance (cat) and sacB. Both it and the desired gene will be inserted by homologous recombination using the lambda red system. For this we will need up and down-stream sequences of genes which we wish to replace.

To prove the principle of BRIDGE we will remove a non-essential, constitutively expressed gene from the E. coli genome and replace it with a well known marker, such as GFP. We also have several genes from a past project idea which we could delete to increase fatty acid synthesis, and further genes we could introduce which will result in the production of long chain alkenes from the excess fatty acids. This is not useful for our current project but it is a nice way to demonstrate the effectiveness of BRIDGE.

Eventually, we hope that BRIDGE will be used to introduce whole light producer-sensor constructs, to demonstrate its ability for utilisation in further work using BioBricks.

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