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Who we are

Student Team:

  • Kira Kowalska, Engineering Mathematics
  • Antoni Matyjaszkiewicz, Engineering Mathematics
  • Roz Sandwell, Engineering Mathematics
  • Katharine Coyte, Biology/ Maths
  • Tom Layland, Biochemistry
  • Thomas Todd, Complexity Science
  • Neeraj Oak, Complexity Science

Staff advisors:

  • Nigel Savery, Biochemistry
  • Claire Grierson, Biology
  • Mario di Bernardo, Engineering Mathematics
  • Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova, Engineering Mathematics
  • Caroline Colijn, Engineering Mathematics
  • S J "John" Hogan, Complexity Science
  • Paul Verkade, Biochemistry

Grad student advisors:

  • Oli Purcell, Complexity Science
  • Thomas Gorochowski, Complexity Science
  • Petros Mina, Complexity Science


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What We've Done

All of the work for this iGEM project was carried out by the memebers of the student team. The BSim 2010 software package has built on the 2009 version, which was submitted for the 2009 iGEM competition. All of the new code for environmental interactions and the graphical user interface was written by the 2010 student team members.