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What kind of things do you see in the future for science and/or synthetic biology?

i see great things in the future. I believe there will be a way to grow blood/organs in the future, as well as grow vast amounts of food to help solve the problem of starvation
The future looks bright
cures for diseases
Hopefully people will have a better awareness for synthetic biology and what it actually is, as well as why it is important/useful.
Cyborgs! Talking Corn!
I'm sure that it will play some part in the growth of synthetic organs and plasma. That will be pretty cool.
I know I couldn't imagine the endless possibilities science could have in the future, especially in the medical field.
Cloning, more synthesizing of natural materials.
I think this field has amazing potential and will grow rapidly once the stigmatism against genetic engineering lifts.
Sometimes people associate it with 'playing god' but I believe this will pass with time as people see that it saves lives.
A better understanding of the human mind and increased accessibility to resources and the empowerment of millions.
Improving health benefits for those inhabiting this planet.
Androids? Longer life maybe.
I see cloning as a recreation possibility, and along with it, genetic modification/selection. I can see finding the cure for many diseases by altering the genetic code, but I can also see us creating many diseases accidentally I see exponential progress into a new paradigm of human existence. When man merges with machine, advances in science will reach critical mass, resulting in the development of Strong AI - intelligence to rival that of man, able to improve itself. Eventually, all knowledge and human experience will coalesce into a godlike, eternal form. I think it will continue to be used more and more in the production of food, as the world population is quickly outgrowing the land space and available food sources we currently have available.
much better transplants, more efficiency in a lot of areas.
Some crazy mad scientist stuff like regrowing limbs or having a third arm (that would be really useful).
That depends on what direction our government is heading in. If the liberties of the people are maintained then the benefits of synthetic biology will likely be allowed more for the people as opposed to just the aristocracy.
More medically related topics i think.
I see using it more as a way to help fix genetic mutations/ diseases that occur as a result of them.
good, since we have all this research going on even with the recession. There is a big demand for it i think
No limits
Ability to cure many diseases through understanding of basic concepts and able to manipulate these reactions.
I don't know anything about biology. But, things I would hope would come in the future would be related to things like health care (advances in vaccines/antibiotics against resistant bacteria/cool things like growing skin); another neat area would be applications related to getting clean drinking water to all those in the world that need it.
I see the growth of the synthetic biology mirroring the early days of the computer industry. DIYbio groups are popping up all over the country. People are very interested in learning about science and the genetic level and what manipulation at that level means to them. Abstraction and standardization will allow much more complex and complicated constructions to be created. Separation of designers and constructors will allow specialization and hopefully better results in the construction of genetic designs. Biology will begin to transform into an exploitable technology, more so than it ever has been before.
The future is unattainable. We will always be chasing "the future." The important thing to focus on is making steps towards better health and education. Science and help greatly with these endeavors, but it must be remembered that these things take time and money. We are still far from things like viable stem cell use or viable synthetic organs. However, these are in the process of being researched. I don't believe that they will be realized in my lifetime as viable solutions for our problems, but I hope that I will be able to aid later generations in learning how to use these topics.
The ability to cure genetic/chronic ailments. To be able to synthetically create organisms which act like machines to produce things like chemicals that can be used as pharmaceutical drugs.
I'm not sure.
I think anything could happen! Maybe synthetic biology could be used to create organisms that can help cure diseases or something.
Its an expanding field. It will be more useful in the future when our natural resources run out and we turn to bacteria to derive more natural means.
a lot, i donno
We will probably be able to use cells to help fight infections within the body without causing any additional infection or engineer all types of tissues efficiently without using embryonic stem cells.
I really hope science can help people with physical disabilities lead a fully normal life; giving vision or hearing to the vision or hearing impaired, giving mobility to people with physical handicaps, produce synthetic organs. I'm not sure how soon these would be readily available, or if they are, but these are what I hope for. And those with mental handicaps too, such as curing autism. I also hope animal testing can be done away with.
I'm sure there will be much ethical debate in its future as to what should and should not be investigated/experimented on.
Engineered animals for food and medicine.
Hopefully teleportation.
The sky's the limit. There's always something new to test or experiment on.
I see it as a source of needed body health, especially when resources dwindle. For example, for body part transplants, theoretically we could eliminate transplant waiting lists if we can find a way to engineer needed body cells, tissues, organs, and whole body parts. It would be very cool to see spinal cord nerve regeneration using synthetic biology, to help spinal cord injured patients walk again, or to see thebrain injured recover function.
I see development of new drugs that will cure diseases once thought incurable. I see advantages in robots and surgical procedures.
Therapeutic applications for patients with cancer and other diseases.
Increasing life expectancy, beauty, stricter standards for beauty, potential increases in health in general as well as a lot of discourse due to opposition.
global domination

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