Team:TU Delft/30 June 2010 content


Lab work

BioBrick stocks

We harvested the 50 mL bacterial cells of the 14 BioBricks. We used 3 mL of the baceterial cells to make -80 °C stocks. With the rest we performed a Qiagen Midi-prep plasmid isolation.

The following plasmid concentrations were obtained:

BioBrick Concentration (ng/μL)
B0015 360.5
B0032 80.4
B0034 181.7
E0040 66.0
E0240 305.6
E0422 411.0
J61100 128.7
J61101 167.7
J61107 195.9
J61117 62.7
J61127 33.8
R0010 40.0
R0011 42.0

Pseudomonas Putida GPO1

Pseudomonas Putida GPO1 is growing 1 day on different substrates. We measured absorbance of the Pseudomonas Putida to see on which conditions the strain survives. Absorbance measurements