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All things must pass: contrasts and commonalities in eukaryotic and bacterial mRNA decay Joel G. Belasc

Mathematical modeling of translation initiation for the estimation of its efficiency to computationally design mRNA sequences with desired expression levels in prokaryotes Dokyun Na1,2, Sunjae Lee1 and Doheon Lee*1

Codon usage determines translation rate in Escherichia coli*1 Michael A. Sørensen1, C. G. Kurland2 and Steen Pedersen1

Varying Rate of RNA Chain Elongation during rrn Transcription in Escherichia coli P. P. Dennis,1* M. Ehrenberg,2 D. Fange,2 and H. Bremer3

Cooperation Between Translating Ribosomes and RNA Polymerase in Transcription Elongation Sergey Proshkin,1,2 A. Rachid Rahmouni,3 Alexander Mironov,2 Evgeny Nudler1,

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