Pre-week - Very early brainstorming about the project
Week 1 - The biosensor project area is decided and plans are made for the upcoming weeks.
Week 2 - Our biosensor idea is examined in terms of cell proteins and feasibility.
Week 3 - Some progress is made on deciding what genes to order, we practice transformations in the lab and our genes are ordered.
Week 4 - We give our presentation in Newcastle and and progress is made in terms of human practices/transformations.
Week 5 - Plasmids are ordered and progress is made on the modelling work.
Week 6 - Growing up our BarA knockout cells. We conduct most of our human practices interviews and socio-technical circuitry.
Week 7 - The wiki template is finished and made live, primers are ordered and the human practices socio-technical circuits are brought up to date.
Week 8 - The human practices collage and most interviews are finished. Work begins on the pgaA promoter.
Week 9 - We begin characterising the pgaA and hapR promoters.
Week 10 - Modelling success, and transformation of the promoters & genes.
After week 10 - Final summary of our work after the 10 weeks

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