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Presentation Feedback - 8th October 2010

The feedback given after presenting to Anil Wipat's group:

Concrete slides

  • Should talk slower
  • Remove the slide that have the crack with the lady
  • Compact the concrete slides
  • More pictures
  • Say we did concrete experiment like cracking
  • Have a picture with us in hard hats and our team t-shirt in the concrete lab
  • Have a slide that says why is concrete bad
  • Change the man's carbon footprint wording
  • Remove the pie chart away, if not redraw it with the words bigger and explain it slowly

Logo slide

  • Put text on top of logo

Animation slides

  • Increase the text size
  • Make the contrast for the cracks better
  • Cells in the purple to show glue, filamentous and calcium carbonate

Industrial process slide

  • To have picture on teh side of the words

Ethic and safety slides

  • Say wild type is an autotroph that cannot convert trytophan, therefore it will die in the wild

MazF slides

  • Have to explain the toxin if you are talking about it
  • Try to cut down on it.
  • Say we would have to test the kill switch

Swarming slides

  • Have to describle swarming
  • Picture to be bigger
  • Cut down on words
  • Need modelling picture and describle how to did it and with what software and equation

Subtilin slides

  • Change the diagram or redraw
  • Change the p_veg promoter to Pveg promoter

Calcium carbonate slides

  • Show the pathway and where it interacts
  • Flux balance analysis

Filamentous slides

  • Explain what ftsZ ring is about
  • Change the white text
  • Remove '!'

YneA slides

  • Text to be bigger
  • Remove the vector and starch testing pictures
  • Words to be bigger
  • Remove the word extremely
  • Need numbers


  • Make sure the animation is working


  • Name the logo
  • Remove pegusus
  • Synthetic spelled wrongly
  • Cannnot use BioBrick it
  • Remove the promoter and sequence pictures

Summary slides

  • Less busy

Apply to all slides

  • Text to be bigger
  • No full stop
  • No '!'
  • Change the green background