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Formal Meeting - 18th August 2010

Roll call

Apologies: Wendy, Colin Davie, Colin Harwood

Action points from last meeting

  • Natto has been ordered by Wendy.
  • Judging criteria, not available yet.
  • Details of most bricks have been entered into the parts registry, some issues with overlapping coding sequences at the moment. Will enter the problem DNA as translational units instead.
  • iGEM logo has been added.
  • Names have been sent to Janetta.
  • Rough presentation slides have been prepared.



Lab feedback

  • Problems with rocF BioBrick (the prefix and suffix anneal back together on the plasmid, and some undigested vector was accidentally gel extracted). We have redesigned the primers and digested the plasmid template for next time.
  • Same problem with subtilin immunity.
  • yneA has arrived. Will have to characterise this and its hyperspankoid promoter.
  • yneA needs to be sent to the parts registry in pSB1C3.


Will be our focus after August.


  • May want to change the ordering of the slides around based on how well they go.
  • Need to show us sticking concrete together with Bacillus somewhere.
  • Re-engineer based upon our outline.
  • Emphasise we are doing over expression, antisense repression, and transfer of genes from another species. And we are also doing civil engineering testing.
  • Watched Groningen's 2009 presentation.

Action points

  1. Phil: Neil wants us to write next to each of the medal criteria how we will achieve it. Could characterise the AND-gate or last year's repressor system if hyperspankoid fails. Or help another team? Gibson software tool? Anyone not modelling? Anyone using Bacillus subtilis? Gibson positive control (plasmid that comes back together and expresses GFP)? See judging form.
  2. Can we transform Bacillus sphaericus? Someone in the building has a method for transforming environmental Bacillus. Want to show the calcium carbonate/glue/filamentous cell matrix.
  3. Have to present on the 15th October, and also for Chris Baldwin/Biomedical school.
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