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Formal meeting 15th September 2010

Roll call

  • Chair: Janetta, Minutes: Steven, Computer: Alan
  • Apologies: Phil and Deena
  • Absence: Colin Harwood, Colin Davie, Da Ye, Wendy

Lab feedback

  • pMutin4 strain transformation is not going very well. Don't just sit and wait to see if Bacillus transformation worked, do another transformation on the assumption that it hasn't.
  • Do chromosomal preps from both strains (168 and 168 with pMutin4), transform with the chromosome from the opposite strain.
  • As an alternative approach, Jem's LacI plasmid is here, details will be given on a sheet.
  • SR1 transformed. Check that it is coming in pSB1C3 too.
  • Fluoresence reader and microscope. Fluostar (Phil Aldridge/Richard?)
  • Transformations of LacI E. coli strain today
  • Hyperspankoid in pSB1C3
  • Arabinose repressor in pSB1AK3. Has to go into BS.


  • Need to make the levans plates with "iGEM" letters
  • Try to stick our concrete sticks together
  • Concrete has been made, set in tubes.
  • We went to the EM facility, won't be a problem to take photos of our concrete.


  • Flux balance analysis on wiki by next week


  • Wiki design should be ready soon (Harsh's graphic designer friend).

Action points (by tomorrow)

  • Write an abstract assuming it all worked. Email to the list by tomorrow night. Steven and Janetta. 200 words. The problem, what's been done before, what we did, what we found. Earthquakes, cracks. We will present our results at iGEM. Only Jen can submit this.
  • Track selection. Manufacturing as main choice and environment as backup? But check all the tracks first. Then email the mailing list. Harsh will do this. Only Jen can submit this.
  • Team roster. Everyone who is not registered needs to be. Then people selected from the pool.
  • Sort out helping other teams.

Next meeting

  • Chair: Rachel, Minutes: Harsh, Computer: Steven
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